cgpinups-logo-girlAll women have innate inner beauty. It comes through in their actions, their A shoot done in our own for those they care about and their passion for the things they are involved in. Every once in awhile though a woman likes to be seen for her outer beauty as well. That alluring goddess of feminity that attracts others to them and makes those people want to dig deeper to discover how far the beauty goes.

When was the last time you looked at a photo of yourself and thought, “Wow, I just feel so amazing and beautiful looking at this.”? Our goal is to make you realize that you truly are a gorgeous person all around and to give you that extra confidence boost that we all occasionally need.

Let a photoshoot by Brett and Christine bring out that inner beauty. With over a decade of experience in revealing the loveliness of the female form, we know just how to make you feel relaxed and comfortable during your shoot. We offer the use of the park like setting of our own yard or our indoor basement studio with different backdrops and the ability to place you into a fantasy setting as well using green screen technology.

We look forward to seeing you for a fantasy pinup shoot of your own to bring out the alluring, sexy, feminine style that is uniquely you.
Brett and Christine

More Details and Pricing About Pinup Shoots

We offer a $25 consultation (Refundable with a booked shoot.) that involves:

      • Determining what you are most comfortable with and how you would like the shoot done.
      • Discussing what style outfits you would like to wear and how you would like the pictures shot.
      • Planning the actual shoot specifics such as do you prefer a bedroom look, stairway, chaise lounge, colored backdrops or a classic white backdrop and any props you may desire.
On location in Massachussets. Our Indoor Studio A shoot done outdoors at our home.

The Day Of The Shoot

We will do everything to make you feel at ease and comfortable. We will show you some of your photos as we go along so that you can become more relaxed as the shoot progresses. Our home will become your home during your transformation into a pinup goddess.

Packages Available

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Not Included In The Shoot

Unfortunately we are not able to supply wardrobe and makeup. We know that each woman is unique and should you choose an initial consultation we will help you in determining what you feel your personal pinup style is. Since makeup is also a very personal choice we can recommend an excellent stylist who has worked with us in the past or give you a few pointers on what we have seen work best in our personal shoots.