Passion Pinups Issue 9 Spring 2019

Spring has sprung and our new issue is out! Go to the link below and hop like a bunny down the trail with the new issue of Passion Pinups! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the issue!!

Passion Pinups Issue 9

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Passion Pinups Issue 9 Spring 2019

By Brett Middaugh Chrissy Kittens in Passion Pinups Magazine

60 pages, published 3/9/2019

Spring is here and so is Passion Pinups! Inside: art by brittles, erotic fiction by Penelope Foxxx, modeling and art by Miss Jessie Bee, art and modeling by Carlie Michelle, modeling by: Miss Mandarin Orange, Heather Hotcakes, Gracie, Bellefleur, Opallios Beauty, Penelope Foxxx, Denise Le Fleur, Chrissy Kittens, Krysty Kreme, Kasey Kupcake, Heide Heather, Nicole Leigh, Stessicakes, Lady May J, Rosie Ann, Miss Fire and our cover gal…Misha. Take…