Passion Pinups Issue 10 Summer 2019

Summer’s here and the time is right for…Passion Pinups Issue 10! Come hang with the lovely ladies and stories of the warmest season!…well in the northern hemisphere at least!

Passion Pinups Issue 10


Plus-Size Vintage Madame
Miss Kacie Sunshine
Katie Mae Brooks
Rebekah Summers
Carlie Michelle
Penelope Foxxx
Chrissy Kittens
Kasey Kupcake
Brandi Savada
Ada Lil Spice
Holly Thorpe
Krysty Kreme
Pinup Steph
Dark Raven
PIxie Trix
Cover gal! Chrissy
 Passion Pinups Issue10 Summer2019

By Brett Middaugh Chrissy Kittens in Passion Pinups Magazine

60 pages, published 6/6/2019

Summer time and the time is right for…Passion Pinups issue 10! Inside:Plus-Size Vintage Madame,Miss Kacie Sunshine,Katie Mae Brooks,Rebekah Summers,Carlie Michelle,Penelope Foxxx,Chrissy Kittens,Kasey Kupcake,Brandi Savada,Ada Lil Spice,Holly Thorpe,Krysty Kreme,Pinup Steph,Dark Raven,PIxie Trix,Our cover gal!, Chrissy,May,the erotic writings of Penelope Foxxx,and artwork by Brett “brittles” Middaugh