Chrissy “kittens” Blake

Chrissy “kittens” Blake is the motivation behind all the she-nanigans that Passion Pinups gets into. A fitness maniac and animal lover, Chrissy is always on the move making something happen. Whether she is pushing Brett to get his ass downstairs to work out and go outside to ride his bike or running all over the Chateau Woo Woo taking care of her small zoo of animals from cats to chickens, spiders, snakes and everything in between, she has the willpower to take on a small army.

Born in East Orange and raised at the New Jersey Shore in Point Pleasant, Brett refers to her as his “favorite piney”. A true renaissance woman, Chrissy is just at home slogging the feed to her chickens as she is dressed up in some crazy outfit for a photoshoot. She has a passion of animals of all kinds and was even an activist at the young age of 10 when she halted a development going on in the wetlands next her home. She saw the area was inhabited by turtles and promptly called in the EPA to check on it.

Chrissy is happily mentally retired in Barnegat where her and Brett work on all sorts of creative craziness, including this website and magazine!

Picture below is Chrissy and her artwork.

Pen and Ink Art by Christine