Brett Middaugh

Brett is the photographer and graphic designer for not only Passion Pinups but also his lady, Chrissy Kittens. He has a background in promotion of extreme sports like BMX riding and years of experience doing not only photography but also website and magazine layout. Brett’s passion in life is constantly thinking of new creative endeavors whether it is making a comic strip, fantasy pinup art, a short video segment, photoing for Chrissy’s site or designing the latest issue of the magazine he puts everything his heart can muster into it.

A fan of comic books and science fiction, Brett has surrounded himself with art since he was a child. After meeting Christine over a decade ago and seeing how she also was someone who loved the freedom of expression that the creative flow brings, the two of them embarked on a life of zany adventures that ultimately lead to Chrissy getting published as a pinup model! Something neither of them dreamt of when they first met years ago at the local diner, LOL!

As designer, artist and photographer for Passion Pinups, Brett brings all of those years of experience in various realms of expertise and imagination to the vision of the magazine.

For more about Brett and his mildly looney life, check out his site,

“People living in competition, all I want is to have my peace of mind.”