A few words from the founders…

What kind of couple gets into doing pinup photography?


We’re Brett Middaugh and Christine Blake the people who run Passion Pinups. We’ve been together over 10 years and have been a couple into doing pinup photography for over 5 years. We fell into doing pinup when Christine began having lots of health issues and started an elimination diet that eventually led to her finding out she was a celiac and also had many other food allergies which had been causing her problems for many years. Once she began a different diet, she started to lose weight and felt much healthier overall. A side effect of this was a big gain in confidence in how she looked (I thought she always looked beautiful!! but…I wasn’t living in her body ~Brett) which then led to Brett inquiring about certain alluring pieces of her wardrobe that she used to wear. Since she felt so much better now, she decided to start trying on the old outfits once again. When Brett saw her all made up he said, “WOW, you look amazing, you could be a pinup!” Christine was thinking “Oh please”, but being an open minded lady, said “Sure let’s try this out”.

Luckily, Brett (moi) also had lots of experience being a photographer in the extreme sport of BMX. (I grew up living the sport every day!) Taking the skills he had acquired doing that and applying them to the female form then began a journey that eventually led to putting the photos out there on pinup sites, Facebook pages and magazines. Quite honestly we were shocked at the overwhelming positivity of it all! From there we started a website for Christine that showcased her pinup work and artwork, chrissykittens.com (she is also an accomplished pen and ink artist) This became a small hit and her photos were getting thousands of likes which garnered attention of friends who began to inquire about “Doing some pinup shots for them.”

At first Brett was a little overwhelmed at the idea, but Christine egged him on to do it to see how others felt about his photography.

Fortunately…They loved it!

This pushed us in the direction of building a little studio at our place which we have nicknamed the “The Cottage Conundrum”. Once we had a more professional type of area to do photography in we began to push our limits artistically. This made Brett realize he had more photos than he knew what to do with! LOL! He then decided to put a bunch of them in their own magazine which was named after the passion they had playing around in pinup photography. Bing, bang, bong, Passion Pinups was born.

After doing a few issues to see how the magazine would come together and to see if we could actually make self imposed deadlines without embarrassing ourselves, we decided to open it up to anyone willing to send us cool, funky photos of pinup photography.

So with all that being typed, we are looking for pinups, artists, writers who would like to contribute to our little slice of creative life that is P.O.D’d on the web.

We love to hear from anyone who is into the unusual and eclectic, animal lovers, BMXers, burlesquers, and just plain cool funky people.
Like our tagline says, “not the average girl next door”…we want to hear and see from that “not average, off the wall” kinda individual.

So feel free to hit us up on our contact page or send us something funky via our submissions page!

Have an awesome day!
Brett and Christine

The Capn and The Chrissy