Meet Passion Pinups

Chateau Woo Woo Studio

We’ve been doing pinup and costume photography for over 5 years at our home.

Brett Middaugh

Brett is the photographer and graphic designer for not only Passion Pinups but also his lady, Chrissy Kittens.

Chrissy Blake

Christine “Chrissy” Blake is the motivation behind all the she-nanigans that Passion Pinups gets into.

Chrissy Kittens

Witch In The Trees

Chrissy is a practicing pagan and nothing is better for her than cavorting in the trees.

Passion Pinups by Brett

The Latest!

Passion Pinups Issue 6 Summer 2018

Summer! The long, warm, sultry days of the warmest solstice are upon us…and Passion Pinups has just the thing…hehe…

Passion Pinups Issue 5 Spring 2018

Spring has sprung and the bunnies are hopping…but alas there may be some more…unpleasant things lurking in the warmer months… Passion Pinups Issue 5 Spring 2018 By Brett Middaugh in Passion Pinups Magazine 28 pages, published 3/24/2018 Spring has sprung …