Meet Passion Pinups

Brett Middaugh

Brett is the photographer and graphic designer for not only Passion Pinups but also his lady, Chrissy Kittens.

Chrissy “kittens” Blake

Chrissy “kittens” Blake is the motivation behind all the she-nanigans that Passion Pinups gets into.

The Latest!

Passion Pinups Issue 13 Spring 2020

Springtime, with pinups…and youuu!! Passion Pinups Issue 13 is here with all these lovely ladies!   Passion Pinups Issue 13

Passion Pinups Issue 12 Winter 2019-2020

Winter is here and the time is right for…issue 12 of Passion Pinups! Yes, we’re back in time for the end of the long dark with lots of lovely pinups to tide you over the winter months…plus erotic fiction by …