Meet Passion Pinups

Brett Middaugh

Brett is the photographer and graphic designer for not only Passion Pinups but also his lady, Chrissy Kittens.

Chrissy “kittens” Blake

Chrissy “kittens” Blake is the motivation behind all the she-nanigans that Passion Pinups gets into.

The Latest!

Passion Pinups Issue 10 Summer 2019

Summer’s here and the time is right for…Passion Pinups Issue 10! Come hang with the lovely ladies and stories of the warmest season!…well in the northern hemisphere at least! Passion Pinups Issue 10

Passion Pinups Issue 9 Spring 2019

Spring has sprung and our new issue is out! Go to the link below and hop like a bunny down the trail with the new issue of Passion Pinups! Thank you to everyone who contributed to the issue!! Passion Pinups …